Learn about our Regen AZ Regenokine® Program

What is the Regenokine® Program?
  The Regenokine® Program is a non-surgical program that uses the body’s own anti-inflammatory proteins and growth factors to reduce inflammation and can be use to address virtually all joints, spinal structures, ligaments, muscles and tendons. It has been used in patients with arthritic joints to reduce joint inflammation and improve mobility. This reduction in inflammation can minimize the effects of Osteoarthritis including pain, loss of mobility and impaired function.

 What are the benefits of the Regenokine® Program?
  The Regenokine program is a multi-faceted approach to address inflammation, pain and improve mobility. The program originated in Germany from the work of Peter Wehling MD and has been developed to treat thousands of joints. Patient reported benefits include...

  • Non-surgical program
  • Reduction in pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved flexibility
  • No down time. Patients can continue their regular activity throughout the program period.

  In collaboration with Drs. Gary Waslewski and Doug Freedberg, Arizona Sports Medicine Center in Scottsdale your treatment options can be reviewed and an assessment for the Regenokine® Program will be conducted.


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The Regenokine® Program